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Divergenti Festival

Divergenti is the only film festival in Italy (and one of the few worldwide) to be entirely dedicated to the trans experience and its narration .

Divergenti reports, represents and embodies the storytelling of its protagonists who, talking about themselves, describe the world around them and the socio-cultural contests in which they live and act.

The festival, founded in 2008 and organized by MIT -Movimento Identità Trans-( Trans Identity Movement), with the artistic direction of Nicole De Leo and Porpora Marcasciano, selects and offers some of the greatest international movie productions, as a way to promote a deep and complex knowledge of the trans experience, counteracting stereotypes and prejudices, that are still too deep-rooted in the collective imaginary and spur the re-construction of trans’s history and genaology.

In order to achieve this task, the festival is enriched by conferences, workshops, presentations, exhibitions and moments of study. There is no shortage of moments of socialization and fun. Each edition of the festival concerns a specific focus that the organizers of MIT choose on the basis of the themes of greatest interest of the moment, or the themes to which they would like to devote more attention.

"With movies, literature, art and entertainment we try to widen a flat, limited and limiting horizon, which over time has been built around our lifes. A simple glance is enough to discover the many cages in which gender, sexuality and cultures have been forced into, without the need to resort to any "theory of gender".

Degeneration corresponds to the caging of our "gender vitality", which Divergenti resumes and restores. If movies are our dream machine, then let's try to set it in motion, so that it can travel freely on the streets of our fabulous daily life ”.

Porpora Marcasciano


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